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Accessing CAN bus by wireless (WLAN) or mobile internet (WWAN)

The new Anagate CAN X series includes CAN adapters providing up to 8 CAN ports in compact industrial housing for easy mounting onto DIN rails ... [Read more ...

CAN adapter with up to 8 CAN interfaces

The new Anagate CAN X series includes CAN adapters providing up to 8 CAN ports in compact industrial housing for easy mounting onto DIN rails ... [Read more ...

Support of SocketCAN under Linux

In addition to the already existing AnaGate programming interface the Linux SocketCAN inteface can be used to control all AnaGate CAN products of Analytica. ... [Read more ...

Test of CANopen hardware with AnaGate CAN products

The CANopen Conformance Test Tool (CTT), which can be used to check the correctness of CANopen protocol standards, is now supported by all AnaGate CAN products of Analytica. ... [Read more ...

Universal Programmer 2.0 with increased power

The well-proved AnaGate Universal Programmer with SPI and I2C interface is offered now in an enhanced version. In particular higher baus rates are supported and the programming speed was improved significantly ... [Read more ...

CAN-USB-Gateway operates stand-alone

Analytica GmbH has extended the well-proven series of CAN-Ethernet-Gateways: The AnaGate CAN USB connects a personal computer to a CAN network easily via standard USB port ... [Read more ...

Smart programming of AnaGate gateways with LUA

By the use of simple batch files all AnaGate gateways can be addressed with the fast and powerful scripting language LUA. On the AnaGate models with embedded linux operating system these batch files can be used easily on the device itself ... [Read more ...

AnaGate CAN quattro in 19" technology

Analytica now offers a well-proven solution for applications which require a great number of CAN interfaces in 19 inch plug-in technology. ... [Read more ...

Product announcement: AnaGate Motion for motor control

The modular control system AnaGate Motion is designed for different industrial requirements, which has to control motors or machines. Decentralized independent control as replacement of a PLC is possible as well as the direct connection to already existing PLC systems. ... [Read more ...

New AnaGate Development-Kit

All AnaGate devices operating on a Linux system can be individually extended with self-created executables.

To reduce costs to create an operable linux system with the required packages and programming tools, a pre-installed virtual machine image is now available on an external USB device.  ... [Read more ...

Viola Systems

AnaGate solutions via GPRS, EDGE and UMTS networks from Viola Systems. [Read more ...]

CANOpen® via CANFestival

The CAN-Ethernet gateway series AnaGate CAN is now supported by the CANFestival framework (Win32, Linux, Cygwin). [Read more ...]


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