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News - Accessing CAN bus by wireless (WLAN) or mobile internet (WWAN)

WLAN/WWAN extension for CAN ethernet gateway

Karlsruhe. May 2016.

CAN field busses are used in numerous areas today: in automation, the automotive industry and medical technology, in aircrafts and trains as well as in marine, aerospace and engineering industries. Access to the CAN bus was made by standard interfaces like RS232, USB, PCI and PC/104. In the recent years CAN Ethernet gateways are gaining more and more acceptance, at least to provide remote access by LAN/WLAN and internet in the age of "Internet of things".

AnaGate CAN X series

The CAN Ethernet gateways of the AnaGate CAN X series provide 2, 4 or 8 CAN interfaces, which can be individually connected to a computer or PLC by wired Ethernet. To support also wireless connections, the basic functionality is now enhanced by use of additional existing wireless adapters.  This is a simple and economic way to supply wired and wireless access to the well-established AnaGate units.

WLAN and mobile internet by use of conventional adapters

All the devices of the AnaGate CAN X series support the use of network connections by WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network) or by WWAN (Wireless Wide Area Network) in addition to or instead of a wired Ethernet connection. Using WLAN or mobile internet (UMTS/GSM) on the AnaGate CAN gateway requires a compatible WLAN or WWAN USB adapter. The adapter has only to be plugged into one of the present USB host interface of the AnaGate unit. Activation and configuration is made by the web interface of the gateway. Currently different USB adapters form TP-Link and Huaweia are supported.

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